Analog mastering (with mix check / advice, discussion and two revisions)


(See description below)

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What is difference between this service and cheaper AI+Human mastering?

Almost none, we are using same techniques and equipment (For example Crane Song HEDD, Avalon Vt747sp, Bedini B.A.S.E., California Sound LA1975, TC Mastering system 6000 etc.) and both services are 100% made with human mastering engineer, but this service offer some additional bonuses:

– firstly we discuss your desired sound with you in detail, you can send us many reference records

– we analyze your mixes prior to mastering and send you some suggestions for re-mix if needed

– firstly we send you 1-2 tracks for approval

– we can send you 2 different versions of mastering / types of sound

– up to 2 revisions  (if mix is not reworked again, for reworked mixes after mastering there is fee of 50% only)