Marian B. Biography

MARIAN BREZOVAN (chief mix / mastering engineer)


– More than 15 years of experience in music production, music mixing, engineering (started with prehistoric software like Fasttracker, Propellerheads Re-Birth RB-338)

More than 9 years of experience in DSP software programming ( software developer, worked for Acoustica Inc. U.S.A. Mixcraft, G-Sonique, Kastelheimer, Epralux audio ) used by stars like VINAI (Spinnin records), Zardonic (OSWLA), Penta…

More than 8 years of experience with running my own mastering business (previously co-owned A.D. mastering studios)

Electrotechnical education (Deep knowledge of analog equipment and PCB circuits)


Everything started when Marian was only 5yo kid. His father was electronic construction engineer and later managing director of propagation at large local communistic concern Tesla which was producing hi-end electronics (one of their factories produced also audio vacuum tubes now famous worldwide under brand JJ Tubes). Thanks to his position and contacts, Marian’s family always had hi-end toys available including: first computers called Didaktik and also a lot of interesting audio gear.

Marian says: “As a young boy I enjoyed listening to vinyls and old tapes but I had also available a lot of tools like graphic equalizers, exciters, tube amplifiers etc. My family is joking that I started my career at young age when I was listening to old vinyls for long hours and experimented with various settings of equalizers to make them sound the best.” This may be funny but interesting to remember because as one of our friends, a neurophysiologist says “brain has a possibility of neuroplasticity – some parts of the brain become stronger and more powerful than others if used frequently, and especially at younger age – we learn things better and faster and you can become a expert in some area if you start very early” and history confirms this theory – best musicians, painters, sportsmen started already at very young age. “Tuning equalizers and making music sounding better and better was my hobby at age of 5 and it still is! I just have bit more knowledge” Marian says.

“Since I had available most powerful computers at young age, I soon started to go deeper and instead of playing vintage videogames I preferred to learn new things, I started producing first graphic design, learning to code my own software and later producing first computer music. Thanks to my older friend we firstly discovered prehistoric software like Fasstracker and later Re-Birth 338. Producing oldschool electronic music became our big hobby, we were poor students and possibilities were very limited, we dreamed of our own hardware synthesizers and effects because software alternatives had terrible sound at that time but hardware was very expensive. So I said I must learn to produce our own software algorithms with the same quality of oscillators, filters etc. as hardware. After a lot of hard times spent with learning and experimenting with DSP algorithms I succeeded and produced the first VST plug-ins, effects and synthesizers. Later I established my own company and worked with many respected developers like Acoustica Inc. USA (producer of Mixcraft), Pluginboutique/Loopmasters, G-Sonique, Kastelheimer, Epralux and so. My synthesizers and effects are used by worldwide stars like VINAI (Spinnin records), Zardonic (OWSLA), Penta… More than 9 years of active DSP coding gave me highly valuable knowledge of digital audio, algorithms, tools and tricks, so I can modestly say I have one of deepest knowledge in digital audio processing and all secrets behind the mastering industry. I graduated from electrotechnical school so I also understand electronic circuits of mastering hardware and all alchemy which happens during analog and digital processing of audio, including smallest details and relations between processors and special techniques used. Parallely, we established our own mastering studio A.D. and worked with many local and international artists and labels. Some time later I decided to run my own mastering facility to follow my vision of perfect sound and utilize my deep knowledge of mastering, mixing, music production DSP coding and analog electronics construction. So I’m here to offer all my skills for you, if you are looking for modern trendy loud sound, with heavy bass, lot of punch, unique analog color/texture and energy or vice versa crystal transparency and dynamics you are at the right place. Making perfectly sounding final products is a real joy for me and I’m sure we will make a lot of killer sounding records together,“ says MARIAN (chief mix / mastering engineer of