Please listen with High quality Hi-Fi Soundsystem (PMC, Bowers&Wilkins, KEF, Tannoy etc. + Good D/A converter/Interface soundcard) or HQ open back headphones (Senheiser, Beyerdynamic etc.) NOT near-field monitors which are not suitable for mastering! (only mixing – dont have enought details, resolution, transients etc.)

Please use high quality player – Winamp, Samplitude (Windows Media Player is NOT suggested)

Please carefully listen to all examples – various mastering techniques used, various analog hardware used, various setting, plug-ins, DSP Hardware used. Some zip packages include more than 10 different styles of mastering from more dsp to warm analog. Also check more styles and more mixes
every mastering style sounds different with different mix and genre.

Mastered / Unmastered ZIP packages (various mastering styles)

320kbps Mp3 files in package, some packages include more than 10 mastering styles from clean to warm analog, from crystal more dsp mastering to vintage style. Please contact us for Wav files. (Click button to download)